Why Use A Cordless Electric Lawn Mower?

Sep 25, 2014 |

On a small to medium sized lawn, and under normal circumstances, cordless electric lawn mowers do a comparable job to the more traditional gas powered or cabled lawn mower. The cordless mowers utilize a re-chargeable battery, and as a result, are more environmentally friendly, as well as quieter than their counterparts. Their big and clear advantage is that the lack of cord gives a much more improved sense of freedom while mowing, and completely neutralizes the danger of running over your own cord, which of course, can be fatal in some cases. It also is ideal for gardens that have a few flower beds, as it is simple to mow around these without having to clear the cable constantly.

This means that using a cordless electric mower seems a bit less of a chore than a standard mower, which is a good thing. The start up mechanism is a simple push-button system, saving you the need to bend over and yank at a cord to get the motor going. In some gas powered motors, the smell of the gas is sometimes prevalent, especially if the machine is a little older, but with the cordless electric mower, there is no smell at all. However, if you have to cut on particularly rough ground, or thick foliage, the extra stress on the machine can cause a decrease in the charge of the battery, resulting in less time until the battery needs to be re-charged. The same happens if you happen to mow your lawn in the morning, while the grass is still moist with dew. The increase in work for the machine means less battery life, but in this case, it is best not to mow your lawn when it is wet anyway.

Benefits Of An Electric Lawn Mower

While there are some obvious benefits with using a cordless electric mower, there are some not so obvious ones too. Some overall good points include:

  • Less of an impact on the environment than gas powered lawn mowers, giving out much less pollution than other models
  • Cordless mean more freedom to mow every corner of your lawn
  • Super safe – no cord to accidentally cut, or no engine to develop problems with
  • Quieter than the gas powered mowers, about the same noise as other cabled electric mowers
  • Simple to start, and easy to operate
  • Models come in various sizes and performances, depending on your need
  • Recharge the batteries in your home, rather than purchasing gas to run the mower

Of course, there are some not so good points about cordless mowers, and in the interest of fairness, some of them can include the following:

  • Not suitable for medium-large to large lawns, as the battery will weaken, causing an inferior cut and poor overall look to the lawn
  • Any added strain, such as uphill cutting, or cutting taller grass, lessens the battery life, and shortens the time needed until the battery needs to be recharged
  • Many feel that there is a lack of power and cutting ability compared to a gas powered lawn mower

Battery Charged Cordless Mowers Versus Gas Powered Mowers

In today’s age, many of the up and coming young adults have lived their formative years in a peripheral atmosphere of caring for the environment. Hence, when these people become the next generation of home owners, they are primed to react to products and ways of life which embraces this philosophy. Many purchase cars that have minimal impacts on its surroundings, and take things like the cost of energy to produce, and the distance travelled from manufacture to seller into account when buying them; the cordless electric mower is a product that will appeal to this generation. It cuts down substantially on its omissions, and the gas powered models cannot even begin to compare here.
Any side issues with the motor, such as oil or other substance leaks, or unpleasant smells, are all detrimental to the environment and/or neighbors. Added into the mix is the noise comparison, as the cordless mower is much quieter than the gas powered one, with no more than a gentle hum being audible. Misfires, and over revving of a gas powered mower can irritate neighbours, as well as cause extra polluting fumes. None of these issues matter when you use a cordless mower, as the safe and reliable rechargeable batteries will work as long as you keep charging them.

The popularity of cordless electric mowers will increase in the coming years, as the more environmentally aware citizens all over the world start to replace their older mowers with newer ones, which impact less upon the environment. While it is true that some people prefer the quality of cut given by a gas powered lawn mower, these people, as well as the machines, will disappear into the minority, as the people look to embrace new and improved technologies that place less stress on the Earth.

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