Where Can I Buy Pre-Planted And Partially Grown Trees And Plants?

May 31, 2015 |

Consider the following suppliers for purchasing pre-planted and partially grown trees and plants in the UK:

      I.            Trees by Post

Trees by post are driven by the satisfaction their clients derive from their services. They grow quality seedlings and ensure convenience through reliable couriers for deliveries. Orders are dispatched as soon as they are received and trees delivered with an intact, full root system ready for planting.

With many years of experience in tree planting, trees by post guarantees you quality wildflowers, shrubs and marginal plants among other types of trees with top drawer services. It is known for growing trees of different varieties and posting them as per orders to various clients via reliable and high network couriers.

Based in Scotland, trees by post provide online access to British native trees, British native shrubs and plants for ponds, westlands, lochs and lakes. They also offer discount schemes to registered customers that offers a percentage cut price (converted to points) on the amount spent on tree purchases
Trees by post trees can be used for;

Hedging; are usually young container grown seedlings of approximately 1-2 years old and are ideal for creating a hedge. For beech hedging or broad-leaf hedging, hawthorns of 30-50 centimeters high are recommended. For box, yew and holly hedging, those of 10-20 centimeters are usually preferred. This being the perfect stage for planting, quickest growth rate is guaranteed for highest quality hedging.

The fact that these trees are grown in root-rainers makes it possible for anytime of the year planting. They also use reliable courier services for deliveries within the UK without affecting the already established plant root system.

Gifts; When trees are used as gifts, they symbolize unending, long lasting years of nature interest and enjoyment at the same time creating an ideal and a beautiful environment. With their variety, different trees can be chosen for different periods and purposes to take care of varied interests and preferences as below;

  • Crab Apple/Cherry Plum; for blossoming in spring and fruition in autumn.
  • Sweet Chestnut/Hazelnut; preferred for their nutritious nuts
  • Silver Birch tree and Copper Beech tree; very important type for silver wedding gift and Ruby Wedding gift respectively
  • UK Truffle Trees; they grow cute truffles having been inoculated with Tuber aestivumvar uncinatum

Gift trees are delivered by first class post by the next day and are presented in jute drawstring bags with own personal message and planting instructions

Deliveries and Charges

Usually depends on the quantity ordered but ideally deliveries are by reliable courier networks. Clients provide them with delivery information and deliveries guaranteed within the set date.  Remember also that posting is done on the same day if orders are made before mid-day.

It is also important to be present to receive your order since trees are ‘living products’ that require maximum care and attention. If by any chance, you will not be available at delivery time, arrange with someone else to be there or reschedule delivery time with him or her

After receiving your plants, you are expected to

  • Remove the tree packaging and protective plastic
  • With moist roots, take them to the cultivated site which is free draining, has at least partial sunlight and provides room for growth.
  • Plant each seedling in a hole that sufficiently covers the root plugs and ensure they are free from weed competition for quick, healthy growth.

If planting will not be immediate, ensure the seedlings are kept in shallow containers for a maximum of four weeks with their root plugs moist. Also remember to protect them from strong winds.

Within the UK, Trees by Post do deliveries to Channel Islands, Highlands & Islands and Northern Ireland among other places. Visit their website for more information on deliveries and charges.

   II.            British hardwood

Having celebrated their 25th anniversary this year, British Hardwood Tree Nursery Ltd provides years of experience and expertise in forestry, farming and landscaping. Through their consumer site www.treesandhedging.co.uk British hardwood donates a penny per bare root plant sold to charity. They also engage a lot in Farming and Countryside Education (FACE)

Face conducts training and education to farmers, land owners and foresters on food and farming in a way that aligns values for long term sustainability.

British hardwood which was initially producing trees for own use, has since grown to accommodate regional and national markets. They have now invested in personnel and with their experienced staff, your queries are readily responded to via the consumer site www.treesandhedging.co.uk

Driven by their ethos of being the most comprehensive and relevant in terms of product deliveries, British hard wood is now focused on supplying UK-grown plants that are raised from UK seeds for maximum customer satisfaction.

 III.            Coles Nurseries

Considered among the UK’s largest grower of trees and shrubs, Coles nurseries are owned by James Coles and his Sons.  They are based in the east Midlands and supply trees and shrubs nationwide through own delivery systems.

With a very large production site totaling more than 500 acres that accommodates more than 1.2 million trees and 2.4 million shrubs and well trained professional staff with years of experience who care for the seedlings, the quality of trees and desired customer service is assured.

Cole’s nurseries have an established customer base comprising of house developers, garden designers, landscapers, wholesalers and local authorities.

IV.            Thornhayes Nurseries

With production and commercial growing skills, thornhayes nurseries provide a broad range of trees in the UK. Examples include: coniferous amenity trees, pleached trees, tree fruit, broadleaf trees, larger plants for hedging and shrubs just to mention a few.
Thornhayes nursery trees are of very high quality with well-developed root structure and crown all obtained at pocket friendly prices to either retail or wholesale customers.

   V.            Hillier Nurseries and Garden Centers

Hillier nurseries were established in the late 1980s as a family owned company with great professionalism and tradition in horticulture.  They are among the largest container/field tree growers in the UK and Europe.
These nurseries are based near Romsey, Hampshire and provide a wide range of tree species; shrubs, hedging trees and multi-stemmed plants among other varieties.

With a nation-wide clientele and having served local authorities, landscape architects and contractors, garden designers, house developers and golf courses, hillier garden centers can be considered to be among  reliable tree suppliers

VI.            Deepdale Trees

Deepdale Trees is considered one of the UK’s finest in selection of semi mature trees and shrubs. Established in Bedfordshire in 1995, it has grown to specialize in field grown semi mature trees, trees for hedging and shrubs.

Situated conveniently right in the heart of England and with an extensive, reliable supply network, Deepdale Trees provides trees of exceptional quality to clients in UK and Europe as a whole. By visiting their nurseries, you will be able to select from the wind range of available tree species for your project

On collection, Deep dale  trees takes responsibility of the safety of your load and will therefore not load plants to an unsuitable vehicle which is uncovered since plants will suffer wind damage to the buds and leaves.
For deliveries, their vehicles are curtain sided for plant protection during transportation. Others are of flat bed, secured and fully sheeted.
With dedicated customer service staff ready to respond for to any of your inquiries, mail them on mail@deepdale-trees.co.uk for instantaneous response.

VII.            The Tree Shop

The Tree Shop was established in 2001 by Woodland Improvement and Conservation Limited which has been in existence since 1937.
It has specialized in production of different species of trees including; conifer woodlands, native broad-leaved, shrubs, arboretum, hedging plants and garden trees with tree guards.

With reliability of service and good customer care coupled with quality of their products, tree shop boasts of a broad customer base around UK and is always committed to helping you with tree planting activities and after care management.

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