What Power Tools Should I Own For My Garden?

May 3, 2015 |

A garden power tool is a piece of equipment that is driven by electricity, a gasoline engine or compressed air. Such tools are designed to use power to carry out garden operations. Majority of the activities in the farm are better done with bare hands. However, the essence of power tools cannot be ignored. They are useful for carrying out activities that require:

  • More speed
  • More power
  • More strength

Some of the garden operations that require the use of power tools include trimming borders, mowing the lawn and manicuring the hedges. The use of these tools in the garden makes the operations within the garden a lot easier and saves time. There are many garden power tools in use today. Maintaining your garden vibrant and attractive requires some effort. With these garden power tools, you can till the soil, clip the edges and perform a lot of other tasks in a very short time. The use of these tools also makes gardening enjoyable. As a precaution, you should always wear protective gear while using garden power tools. The following are some of the power tools that any gardener should consider having.


The gas powered cultivator is one of the most useful gardening tools. It is particularly useful in vegetable gardens. Majority of these tillers in the market today are small hence easy-to-use and light weight. With this type of equipment, it is possible to till very a very large garden in a very short time. Additionally, with this gardening tool, tilling is very easy and less tiring. Some of the tillers in the market are gas-powered while others are cordless, running on a rechargeable battery. With an 18-volt rechargeable battery, you do not have to worry about dragging a cord around obstacles in the farm.

Weed Claw and Bulb Drill

The bulb drill and the weed claw is a set of two pieces, a bulb auger and a weed claw. Though not necessarily a power tool, it requires a powered tool for it to operate. The weed claw is ideal for removing weed in tight spaces; it grabs the weed s by the roots and removes them.  The bulb drill on the other hand is used o drill out holes for planting plants in the garden, preferably bulbs. These are some of the tools that are very handy for the gardener.


Having a rototiller in the garden makes you avoid turning the entire garden with hand tools, which may lead to backaches and time wastage. This tool has hooked blades that are designed to rotate around a central wheel. It is these blades that gouge into the soil hence turning it. In addition to turning the soil, this equipment also lifts and mixes dirt and plant remains into the soil hence improving soil fertility. The equipment makes work on dry, tough soils easier and less time consuming. Rototillers come in array of sizes, ranging from the small sized rototillers to the large sized tillers that have wide-toothed blades.

Power Edger

Having a crisp line in between the yard and your flower bed makes the garden look magnificent. A power edger is ideal for maintaining a tidy and neat edge in your garden. This piece of equipment has a rotating blade that cuts down wayward blades of grass very quickly. In addition to this, a power edger also has guidance rollers that regulate the straightness of the edging line on the garden edge. Some of the commonly available edgers include the gas driven and the electric models. Such equipment may be used on small gardens as well as for commercial landscaping in large properties.

String Trimmers

Electric drill power toolIn addition to being used in lawns, this piece of equipment has also gained popularity as a tool for removing overgrown grass and thick weeds in a garden. These tools comprise of motors that are electric-driven. The cutting base of this equipment comprises of a safety dome and a wheel beneath. This wheel spins at a very high velocity. The wheel is attached to a reel of thick plastic twine to form the cutting surface of the equipment.

Hedge Clippers

The hedge clipper is basically used to prune plants and shrubs in the landscape of the garden. Majority of the hedge clippers used on small gardens use electric-driven engines to carry out this operation. Other commercial purpose hedge clippers used for landscaping large gardens use gas-powered engines to perform this operation. The electric-driven models feature widely-spaced teeth. These teeth vibrate in a back and forth motion to slice through thin branches.

Leaf Blower/Vacuum

The leaf blower is a very useful tool for the gardener. It is used while preparing the garden in winter. This equipment offers the gardener an easy way of removing dense piles of leaves from the garden within a very short time. They may also be used to get rid of leaves scattered on planting beds. Most leaf blower models used a gasoline-powered engine to carry out this operation. They also have a long plastic attachment that is used to direct airflow hence blowing leaves into a pile for easy collection. Some models of this tool are backpack models while others come with straps. These straps are used to support this equipment across the shoulders as the gardener blows the leaves. Some of these tools also feature a catch bag that can be emptied easily when filled.

Carrying out garden operations using bare hands can be very tiring and time consuming for the gardener, to ease those operations, a gardener needs to have this power driven equipment. Some of the operations that are performed by power driven tools in the garden are:

  • Tilling
  • Planting
  • Cultivating
  • Watering

While gardening is a never-ending chore, having some of the above mentioned tools can help you make the process enjoyable and easy to perform.

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