How we are Polluting our Water Supplies

Feb 18, 2019 |

How we are Polluting our Water Supplies

One of the biggest problems that are being pushed into the world right now is that of water pollution. Right now more than ever before, there’s a lot of humanity that is polluting water sources and causing a great deal of trouble for the planet. You may not think that you’re dealing with something big, but in all reality, you’re going to be causing a great number of problems if you don’t pay attention.

Most people don’t think about water pollution. They don’t think about anything that could be problematic, and that’s no good. If you don’t think about water pollution, chances are you’re contributing to it. There are several ways that we pollute water supplies, and some things may not even be on purpose. You may not know that you’re doing something wrong, and well, that’s why the following has been put together. Take into consideration a few things that you’ll want to focus on in terms of pollution, and how you can reverse the trend a bit.

The Run-Off Problem

The first major way that many people are polluting the water supply is through what is known as runoff. This is something that most people don’t really think about, but it’s everywhere. This is a serious problem that is due in large part to factories and agricultural centers. Factories and different business options focus on dumping water from a variety of sources, and that water gets into the local streams, lakes, rivers, and more. When these elements get washed into the local water sources, they often come with pollutants that are from the factory as a whole. Many companies use grey water, and other resources that are recycled, but often, there are chemicals and other elements that get pushed through the water and get into the soil, and into the drinking water of communities around the nation.

The Groundwater Problem

Similar to that of runoff, you’re going to find that groundwater is a major problem as well. This is something that many people don’t think about until it’s too late. This type of water system is where water gets into the soil from a variety of sources. Whether it’s from a local business, or it’s from the rain, water seeps into the soil, and can cause a great deal of contamination to local plants, wildlife, and more. This is something that researchers have constantly seen polluted by individuals that dump trash into creeks, lakes, and businesses that throw their trash into watery areas near homes and parks.

Dumping Trash

When throwing things out, you most likely put them in a garbage can and then a local garbage company will come and take it away. But here’s the thing, a lot of landfills end up getting too full, and end up leaking toxicity into the groundwater, the soil, and many other areas. That means that garbage, liquids, and so much more gets into the local waters, wells, lakes, and streams. Not only do people dump too much trash out, they also do this in areas that they aren’t supposed to. National Parks, for instance, are starting to see a major problem with garbage today. It’s something that cannot be controlled, as people continue to do this, and cause a disruption in natural resources from around local areas.

Plastic Options

Think about how much plastic is used on a regular basis. Not only that, think about water pollution in terms of plastic elements. Bottles, containers, storage elements, and of course the dreaded plastic straw, all have problematic elements. These things go into the waters of the world and cause serious damage to wildlife and the water itself. As far as water pollution is concerned, plastic is a serious problem that has been noted of being part of the 800 million tons of garbage that is now isolated in the oceans. In one study alone, a random beach was selected for clean up, and within 20 minutes of cleaning, divers found 300 plus plastic straws. That’s just 20 minutes of time cleaning up a random beach in Australia. Imagine the world’s beaches that get a lot more traffic, such as Los Angeles, Orange County, and other areas in Southern California. There’s a lot of plastic garbage out there, and even a momentous element is known as garbage island that is floating around the oceans, and it’s all garbage, and a great chunk of it is plastic.

Cigarette Butts

Unfortunately, one of the biggest things that are polluting the ocean right now is cigarette butts. Currently, there are hundreds of millions of smokers worldwide. They throw their butts into the drains and open areas of many established communities. That can pose a huge risk for animals, water, and more. As far as water pollution is concerned, all it takes is a few hundred butts to get the drinking water to be poisoned for a community. Now multiply that by the sheer number of smokers, some of which smoke a pack of cigarettes every day, and some more than a pack a day. Smokers throw their butts around inconvenient places, out of their car windows, and into areas that have water, causing there to be water pollution throughout.

Sewage System Problems

Every major city in the world has sewage elements. These elements are great, they take away sewage from toilets and other areas and they take them to facilities that can process them and clear things up naturally. But here’s the problem, when people dump certain things in the toilet, there’s garbage that piles up. For instance, wet wipes can turn into eco-garbage that doesn’t break down naturally. That requires individuals to go into the sewers and clean up blockages. But if the blockages don’t get cleared up, the sewage systems break and cause spills across various parts of a location. This could even cause raw sewage to end up in the water supplies of large metropolitan areas. This is not a good thing and could cause a great deal of damage to drinking water, and much more. As far as water pollution this is a major problem.

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