How Becoming a Minimalist Helps Save the Planet

Aug 3, 2018 |

How Becoming a Minimalist Helps Save the Planet

Have you ever thought about going green? There are a lot of ways to pursue this solution. Millions of people today are looking at options that will help them go green, and in the end, you’ll find that it’s not that hard. There are some ways that you can go green, and sustain your life in a unique fashion. For instance, did you know that you could help save the planet by going, minimalist? That’s right, you can live a minimalist lifestyle and pursue green living in a very easy way. If this is something that you want to work within, then by all means, take on a few steps to do it. The following are just some of the easiest ways that you can save the planet today, and it’ll surprise you by how simple it is to get started. The minimalist lifestyle could very well change everything for you.

The Meat Problem

Right now there’s a global shortage starting to loom. Analysts are talking about the problems that are going to be faced in the near future, in regard to food shortages. No, not grains, but rather meat. Meat is going to be hard to sustain by 2100, and it’s not something that is new. There are a lot of different people that have been warning about the consumption of meat, and it’s not good for the environment at all. Not only that, you’re going to find that it can be something that will no doubt cause a strain on the budget, the environment, and more. Think about how much meat is needed for a day. Not just for your own consumption, but think about how many buffets and restaurants serve meat daily, now multiply those numbers by hundreds of millions of pounds required daily, and you could find that meat consumption could very well be very difficult to manage. With population estimates hitting more than 12.3 billion people by 2100, it’s interesting to note that meat may not be the way to feed everyone at all. By going minimal, and eating a lot less meat, you can help the planet from losing valuable life stock and natural resources that are associated with food on a regular scale.

The Need To Drive

Not everyone in the world needs a car. In fact, there are some cities that don’t need to be traversed by a vehicle. There are some that are able to get forward progress with nothing more than a bicycle or on foot. Some countries and cities use only public transportation. Seeking out a minimalist lifestyle and green living options doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice going out, it just means that you have to use different solutions to move around. The need to drive is an important thing, but you may not need to do it daily. You could find alternatives, and there are plenty of resources that abound today versus any other time in history. Just think about giving up your car at least a few times a week, then get a bicycle, or even start walking or using public transportation. You’ll be surprised by how great this option may be.

The Clothing Element

One of the best ways that you can start working on saving the planet and going minimalist at the same time is to focus on the clothing that you are wearing. Look into your closet and start dropping the things that you definitely don’t wear. There are a lot of people that buy a lot of clothing and don’t even wear them or have them sitting in their closets with tags on and more. If you have old items, get rid of them, if you have new items, start wearing them, and stop buying things that you’re not using. This is a hard thing to really focus on, but it’s one way that you can ensure that you’re progressing in the right direction.

The textile industry today works on supply and demand. With the global demand for cheap clothing, factories send a great deal of pollution into the air and can cause a great deal of damage to the environment. By simply shopping smarter, you can make sure that these things don’t get out of hand, and you can help the globe at the same time. This is a major thing that most people don’t think about until they end up factoring in the global industrial textile marketplace. More than 80 billion articles of clothing get consumed and thrown out, don’t be a part of that problem.

Downsize Your Living Arrangements

If you truly want to help the planet and you want to stop consuming so much, then think about where you live. Seriously, take note of where you’re living today and where you want to live. If you focus on this, and you start to think about size and shape of your apartment, you can find a lot of options that are great. For instance, some people are looking into “tiny homes”, and “micro-apartments”. The function of a home is definitely of interest, and you can definitely multi-task and use many different options to live. You’ll need to look at what you “need’ and not what you want. If you simply focus on getting a smaller apartment, you will consume less energy, and you will save money as well. You don’t need a huge apartment if you’re alone, and if you have a family, focus on the things that you want for them and yourself, it’s that simple.

Start Throwing Out Things

Along the way, you will want to look into throwing out and giving up things that you don’t use. Seriously, focus on the things that you are not using and sell them off, give them to charity, and take into account what is important in your life. The more you factor these things in, the better you’re going to find your situation is going to be. Not only that, you’re going to help save the planet, which is always a good thing. Start small, and you’ll find your niche for sure.

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