On this page I would like to give you guys a few details about myself and what my aims and ideas are from this Green Grid Roofs website. So let me first start by telling you a little bit about myself.

About Derek Jones

So, in this first section I would like to allow you to get to know me a little better. My name is Derek Jones. I’m from Wales but I now live in England. Growing up in Wales meant that I was always out in the mountains and surrounded by large areas of natural beauty. I love the outdoors and the tranquility that comes from being around nature.

After moving to London around 10 years ago, I started to notice how much I missed the great outdoors. Sure, there are some great parks in London but often they are filled with loads of people and it doesn’t seem very private. And that is where I came up with the idea about using the rooftops of buildings to create outdoor, private and public areas. I thought this would look like a grid of green roofs, hence the name of this site.

I imagined being able to fly overhead in a plane and see all of the rooftops covered in gardens, trees, plants and bushes. I think it would look amazing to have them all covered, like a network of green roofs.

About Green Grid Roofs

I’ve already given you an idea about how the name came about so now I would like to build on what my ideas are for this site. The aim is to provide and online resource for those who want to build more greenery into their lives, be it from small indoor plants, large and decorative gardens, roof top conversions into oasis paradises or improve the look and feel of your balcony.

Whatever your goal in gardening or home improvement with vegetation, I would like to be able to help you achieve that. Or, at the very least, motivate and inspire you with ideas and suggestions.

To that end, please have a look around the site which is continually being added to and I hope that you find something useful on it. If you have any questions at all, please drop me an email on admin @greengridroofs .co. uk – please note the spaces and remove them, I have only done this because I don’t want loads of spam coming in from robots!