Plastic Straws Cause Environmental Damage

Apr 1, 2019 |

Reasons Why Plastic Straws Cause Environmental Damage There are a lot of different things that are causing damage to the environment. There’s plenty of issues that can come through within the realms of pollution and more, and some things may seem so simple, and yet they are problematic. For instance, you already know that you […more]

How we are Polluting our Water Supplies

Feb 18, 2019 |

How we are Polluting our Water Supplies One of the biggest problems that are being pushed into the world right now is that of water pollution. Right now more than ever before, there’s a lot of humanity that is polluting water sources and causing a great deal of trouble for the planet. You may not […more]

How To Use Only Organic Methods in Your Gardening Projects

Nov 7, 2018 |

How To Use Only Organic Methods in Your Gardening Projects If you’re planning on starting a garden that will thrive, you’re going to have to do more than just plant a few seeds and that’s it. You’ll need to make sure that you focus on building a few elements that will help you progress. That’s […more]

How Becoming a Minimalist Helps Save the Planet

Aug 3, 2018 |

How Becoming a Minimalist Helps Save the Planet Have you ever thought about going green? There are a lot of ways to pursue this solution. Millions of people today are looking at options that will help them go green, and in the end, you’ll find that it’s not that hard. There are some ways that […more]

Easy Ways To Live More Environmentally Friendly Today

Jun 18, 2018 |

Easy Ways To Live More Environmentally Friendly Today Right now, there is a call for everyone to go a bit greener. Going green is not a big deal, it’s something that anyone can do, and get started with right now. You just have to remember that the goal of this solution is not so much […more]

How To Create A Rooftop Garden

Jul 4, 2015 |
Rooftop View

With innovation and modernisation, a lot of land has been developed leaving very little outdoor space for gardening. The roof top thereby provides an unused and ideal space to benefit from all the gardening virtues. In most urban areas, roof top gardening has provided an ample outdoor living space. Being a very simple do-it-yourself process, […more]

5 Reasons You Need To Purchase A Grass Trimmer

Jun 21, 2015 |
Grass Trimmer

Grass trimmers are tools that any gardeners would like to have in his or her home. Over the past years, this tool has become very essential in keeping the garden looking tidy and neat. The tool is basically used to cut long and overgrown grass which cannot be cut using a normal lawn mower. This […more]

7 Essential Garden Maintenance Tips

Jun 6, 2015 |
Maintained Garden

One of the integral components of a viable garden is the care and maintenance. Whether you decide to go about it yourself or decide to hire a professional to maintain your garden, the same question arises; how should a garden be maintained?  Many people in the country will attest to the fact that a garden […more]

Where Can I Buy Pre-Planted And Partially Grown Trees And Plants?

May 31, 2015 |
Wild Trees

Consider the following suppliers for purchasing pre-planted and partially grown trees and plants in the UK:       I.            Trees by Post Trees by post are driven by the satisfaction their clients derive from their services. They grow quality seedlings and ensure convenience through reliable couriers for deliveries. Orders are dispatched as soon as they are […more]

What’s The Best Way To Prevent Weeds In The Grass And Garden?

May 17, 2015 |
Weeds in the Garden

The term weed is very subjective. However, in this case the term is used to refer to invasive plants that normally compete with grass and other garden plants for nutrients, sunlight and space. Some examples of grass and garden weed s are: coarse-leaved grasses, dandelions, buttercups and clover. Identifying weeds early and removing them promptly […more]